Backyard Kids Club

The Backyard Kids Club’s are finished meeting for this summer but information about them is still available for your consideration of involvement next summer. The theme will be different.

GAME ON! Gearing Up for Life’s Big Game

Kids are under so much pressure–to perform well, to be the best, to balance schedules that are full to the brim, to excel in every arena. For that vantage point, life’s big game can seem like no fun. But when we step back, we realize that the goal is not competing in our own strength, God has already given us everything we need! He’s given us His complete Word as the ultimate playbook. He’s given us Himself, which gives us reason to celebrate. He wants us to join His team, to train hard, to celebrate our salvation, to encourage one another, and spur each other on. So what are you waiting for? Game On!!

Many joined one of our Backyard Kids Club locations this summer and explored the plan of God from the beginning of creation, through the fall of man, the coming of our Savior and the hope of eternal life and hope as we live to please Him here and now. Not only did we explore the Bible together but we enjoyed music, games, crafts, and snacks.

Backyard Kids Club information and schedule for summer of 2018 available here.