core-values-discipleshipWe believe that every born again believer is a disciple of Jesus Christ should be growing in the sanctifying grace of God.

We call this process of spiritual growth—discipleship or sanctification.

It is a growing relationship with Jesus through our faith in Him and the grace He gives through His Holy Spirit, the church, prayer and other means of grace, He changes our lives little by little into His image.1 These small changes impact not only our individual lives but also the lives of those in the church.

A Culture of Discipleship

We desire that our church culture be rich with gospel-centered discussions. We want to strive for a church body that intentionally seeks to disciple others and is concerned for others spiritual growth.

Spiritual Disciplines

The Bible teaches us that spiritual disciplines should be a part of our Christian lives. We like to call these spiritual disciplines habits of grace by which we may grow in our personal relationship with God through Bible study, prayer, service, worship and witnessing. These are just a few of the habits of grace that disciples of Christ practice in a gospel-centered life.

One-to-one Discipleship

In addition to personal spiritual growth we believe that one-to-one discipleship is a necessary and essential means by which a Christian may grow spiritually.

A Community of Discipleship

Discipleship occurs not only in one-to-one situations but also in community. We believe that Foundations classes, small groups, groups, family ministry (i.e. men’s and women’s ministry, children, preschool, youth and college students) are all community groups in which a Christian may grow spiritually.


We want all people to be disciple-making disciples of Christ. We want to equip them to abandon their lives to the glory, honor and service of the Lord Jesus Christ.

1Our Vision, Mission and Core Values are not meant to be a full doctrinal explanation of the process of sanctification that the Holy Spirit uses in our lives as Christians. For a fuller explanation of our doctrine of sanctification, the word of God, the church and the Holy Spirit, please see the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. However, please keep in mind, even the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 is not a complete explanation of our doctrine but only a summary statement.