core-value-familiesWe believe a church should be where families can connect with one another in order to center their families on the gospel of Jesus Christ.1

Gospel-Centered Families

We are committed to building gospel-centered marriages and families. We desire to be a church that:

  • Encourages and trains families to regularly read, pray, teach and sing God’s Word.
  • Trains parents to instruct2 their children and youth in sound doctrine so that they are not blown about by every wind of doctrine and tossed about by the wave of our secular culture. We want our children grounded in the “grammar” of their faith.
  • Encourages and exhorts husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church and encourages wives to respect their husbands as the head of the household.
  • Turns the hearts of the parents to their children and turns the hearts of the children to their parents.
  • Encourages singles to pursue marriage or empowers them to be content where God has called them in their singleness by connecting them to the larger family of God.
  • Trains college students to pursue God’s calling on their lives by connecting them to the larger body of the local church. We want them to have a church family to support them during their collegiate days.

We are committed to help families that have struggled to turn to Christ so that they can experience the healing of the gospel and find freedom from their former bondage to sin.

We also want to help families that struggle with pain and loss. Perhaps it is through the death of a spouse, child or loved one, infertility or miscarriage, the pain of marriage struggles and divorce or some other struggle that causes the family to suffer.

1For a comprehensive explanation of our position on families please see our doctrinal statement, Baptist Faith and Message 2000 article XVIII.

2We encourage parents to use a solid biblical catechism for further instruction of their children. A good catechism is good for the whole family. Here is a good one that is on line: New City Catechism.