Men’s Ministry

We have no Fall Bible Studies.

Download our Bible Reading Plan for September-May.

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During this peculiar season of COVID-19, we are having to limit some of our face-to-face interactions, but it would not be wise for us to neglect the Word of God or the spiritual health of our brothers and sisters. Instead of men’s and women’s Bible studies this school year, we are encouraging everyone to join us in reading the Bible daily. We are providing a daily Bible reading plan that starts September 7, 2020 and goes through May 2021. The idea is to cultivate the habit of taking in God’s word every day. The benefit of us all reading the same plan is to better incorporate discussion about God’s Word in our everyday interactions, small group discussions, or the time before and after Sunday Worship Service. This plan also allows time on Sundays for us to spend time reading the passage that will be preached on that day.

If you fall behind, please just move on to the current day. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of cultivating a good habit and feasting on the Word. It may seem like the pace is fast, but try timing yourself while you read some of the daily readings. Then compare that time to your daily screen time or to other things that you would say aren’t as important as your relationship with God. As the gap between the values and messages of the culture and what the Bible says continues to widen, it will be more and more critical to saturate ourselves in the Word of God and encourage each other to believe truth. Printed copies of the plan will be available in the Welcome Center on September 6.

Please join us starting September 7th!