Men’s Ministry

The men’s ministry leader is David Baum.

The men’s bible study for the fall is studying the book of Ruth alongside Pilgrim’s Progress. The schedule is below:

Burdens From Which To Be Free, Burdens to Share

DateDayTimeStudy of RuthThe Pilgrim’s

Progress I

11-Sep-21Saturday10ARuth 1:1-18Chapter I
25-Sep-21Saturday10ARuth 1:19-22Chapter II
29-Sep-21Wednesday630PRuth 2:1-7Chapter III
9-Oct-21Saturday10ARuth 2:8-13Chapter IV
23-Oct-21Saturday10ARuth 2:13-16Chapter V
27-Oct-21Wednesday630PRuth 2:17-19Chapter VI
13-Nov-21Saturday10ARuth 2:20-22Chapter VII
24-Nov-21Wednesday630PRuth 3:1-5Chapter VIII
27-Nov-21Saturday10ARuth 3:6-18Chapter IX
11-Dec-21Saturday10ARuth 4:1-12Chapter X
22-Dec-21Wednesday630PRuth 4:13-18Chapter XI
29-Dec-21Wednesday630PRuth 4:18-22Conclusion