College Ministry

College Ministry

Have you considered what you want your relationship with Jesus Christ to be like while you’re studying at DMACC or Iowa State University? The way you answer that question will determine what your major is, where you go to church, who your friends are, what you do with your free time and how you spend your money.

ISULogoGABC desires to be a church that loves and serves college students. We believe the best way to serve and love college students is to bring them into the full life of the local church. Our expectation is that by interacting with the broad spectrum of Christians — and the life experiences they represent — you will learn more about what it means to know Christ Jesus and follow Him with lifelong faithfulness. We believe the pattern in the Bible for Christian life and growth is intergenerational — learning from each other and serving one another in the love our Lord.

Des_Moines_Area_Community_College_(DMACC)_logoIn all things, we desire to be “Gospel-centered.” That is, we seek to keep the gospel of Jesus Christ at the heart of all that we do — worship, preaching, Christian education, small groups and our daily lives.

What do we offer?


Our Sunday mornings start with Foundations Classes. This year we will have two tracks: one that focuses on discipleship and includes topics such as marriage and family, and missions and evangelism, and another that focuses on Bible study.

Sunday morning worship and Bible study is the heartbeat of our life together at GABC. We desire that everyone make fellowship with the body of Christ a priority by gathering with the church.

Small Groups

Studying the BibleThese gatherings are authentic communities that provide a place for each of us to connect, to belong, to be cared for and to be shepherded. Because we believe being the body of Christ means “doing life together” with people different than ourselves, we encourage all of our small groups to be inter-generational.

Discipling Relationships

This involves members of the church partnering with a student for fellowship, encouragement, wisdom, instruction in the faith and time for prayer during their time in school.

Fellowship (and Food!)

GABC hosts a monthly lunch for college students and young adults following the church service. In addition to enjoying home-cooked food, you’ll have a chance to meet some of the families at GABC and get to know other students better. We hope this will be a welcome break in your schedule.

How Can You Get Involved?

There are a couple of ways to get plugged into the collegiate ministry at Grand.

  • The best way to get started is to attend Sunday mornings so you can worship with us. During this time you will be able to meet other college students and our college ministry leaders.
  • Attend any church-sponsored event where you can connect with other members of GABC.
  • Join a small group.
  • Volunteer. Our church supports several outreach ministries, including the Overflow Thrift Store and Obria Medical Clinic.
  • Food! Please join us for lunch once a month after the morning worship service.
  • Subscribe to the College Email List.
  • Join the GABC College Facebook Group.
  • Contact our college ministry leaders (Mike & Julie Sulc) so that you may get more information on how to get connected. Visit the Contact Us page to send us a note.

We pray students will grow deeper in love with Christ as they participate in the vibrant life of our local church that is united with one another around the Savior, Jesus Christ.