Esther Walker

Esther Walker

Esther heads up the Hospitality Ministry at Grand.

She grew up on a farm in southern Iowa outside New Virginia. After a stint in the Marines she came to Ames in 1980 to go to Iowa State University and never left.

She has a BS in Dietetics and an MS in hotel, restaurant and institution management along with a couple of associates degrees as well.

When asked about her experiences that most affect her ability to fulfill the responsibility of heading up the Hospitality Ministry Esther says, “My time served in the USMC helped me to learn to follow rules, and accomplish assigned tasks, my time managing nursing home food service and managing a convenience store has given me insights into leading people and the importance of communication.  I have also had a lot of practice in life, admitting to being wrong.”

Esther is thoroughly enjoying retirement. She is in touch with her inner self by being a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, and the History channel.  She enjoys trying new recipes on various groups of friends and is the current reigning Dessert Lady in her small group.

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