Troy Jansen

Troy Jansen

Troy oversees the benevolence ministry as part of a team that considers requests from those in need. His duties also include general supervision of our food pantry.

Troy grew up in Parkersburg, Iowa, as the youngest of seven children. Troy is single.

Troy graduated from Wartburg College in 1990 with a degree in Elementary Education. He came to Ames in 1994 for two years of graduate school in Elementary School Guidance Counseling and has lived in Ames ever since.

Some of Troy’s past times include watching The Andy Griffith Show, reading Iowa History Journal, and cheering on the ISU Cyclones.

Troy says, “It is by God’s grace that I’m able to help anyone but I think working at a homeless shelter for the past 20 years has taught me lessons that are helpful in leading the benevolence ministry. I also must say that my parents provided a wonderful example of Jesus and his unconditional love as they raised the seven of us, three of whom had special needs. This part of my background has also helped with my ministry.”

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