Prayer for North American Missions and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering


People search for hope to give their lives meaning. They need hope that, in spite of circumstances, things will get better. They place their hope in the relationships, jobs, money and what the world has to offer. But the apostle Peter tells us where we can find true, lasting hope. It’s lasting because it is living and can be found only in Christ. Millions live in the United States, Canada, and territories of Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and American Samoa. More missionaries are needed. Although we’re not all called to full-time missions, every person can send living hope. It starts with prayer.

•For God to strengthen missionaries and call more to go to the most unreached places.
•To be burdened for the lost in your community and to intentionally engage in gospel conversations.

Jorge & Rebeca Santiago, Comerio, Puerto Rico

Addiction left Jorge empty. He ran from Comerio in search of hope and a better life. He found it in Christ. With faith, Jorge and his wife, Rebeca, returned to launch a new church in his hometown. Many there were still seeking refuge in drugs and alcohol. Then Hurricane Maria hit. Comerio was stripped to its bones—no electricity, no water. How was he supposed to plant a church here?

NAMB’s Send Relief compassion ministry sent Jorge a generator. There were few available on the island.

“We suddenly could help people do basic things like laundry,” says Jorge. “We helped re-open an elementary school that had been closed because of no electricity. This created lots of gospel conversations.” As Jorge shared Christ, people began to respond and, out of the adversity of a hurricane, One Church Comerio was born.

•For restoration and revival to come to Comerio and the island of Puerto Rico.
•For physical, spiritual and emotional strength for Jorge and Rebeca as they minister to a hurting

For more information on Annie Armstrong Easter Offering visit here.

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