Discipleship & the Coronavirus: Pregnant in a Pandemic

Discipleship & the Coronavirus: Pregnant in a Pandemic

Discipleship and the Coronavirus

This is part of our series, Discipleship & the Coronavirus, featuring posts written by GABC members on what God is teaching them during the coronavirus pandemic.

You may read the entire series here.

by Ashley Hoobler

Many people have asked me if I’m nervous about being pregnant in this rapidly developing pandemic. At first, it was not concerning me whatsoever, especially when the virus wasn’t as close to home. Soon, however, I began to wonder, should I be worried? Some moments I hold on to the one article I read about how pregnant women are no more susceptible to the virus and should not be concerned. The next moment I’m reading a text from a loved one about an interview with a doctor who said pregnant women should take extra caution, being sure to stay home and have no one come to them. In all of this, I have been forced to face the questions: which voice will I listen to? Who will I trust?

I believe God has prepared me for such a time as this. He has prepared my foundation of faith in this moment of uncertainty and unknowns. Even hard lessons learned through a miscarriage last year were necessary to cultivate my faith and to know God more intimately. The big question that I have answered through years of walking with the Lord is the one that I must cling to in times like this…CAN I trust God?…and my answer is yes. The next question I must ask myself is this: WILL I trust God? Will I make the conscious choice to give my anxious moments to Him and focus on His truth above all? Will I choose to put my faith in the God who has proven His character to be true over and over again? Will I choose to be courageous as I walk through pregnancy in a potentially dangerous time, knowing that my life is and has always been in His loving hands?

Trusting God is not necessarily easy and not natural in and of myself. But praise Jesus that He has given me power in the Holy Spirit who helps me in my weakened human state. How good and kind is my God that He has given me faith and sanctified me to prepare me for this point in time. And the best part is, He is not leaving! No matter how this pandemic turns out, I can rest in the fact that God will be with me and the little one that He sovereignly placed in me. I can and I will trust God.

So do not fear, for I am with you.
Do not be dismayed for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you.
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10