Annie Armstrong Easter Offering Prayer Guide

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering Prayer Guide

Victor & Ludmila Moura, Somerville, Massachusetts

Finding Identity in Christ

Victor and Ludmila Moura were comfortable in Brazil. He was a pastor of a growing church, and she was a government lawyer doing well in her career. Over time, though, they felt God leading them in an unexpected direction—to plant a church for Brazilians in Boston, home to one of the largest immigrant populations in the U.S.

Their goal is for the new church, with services in both Portuguese and English, to be a place where those struggling to find their identity can find it in Christ.

Identity issues are a complex problem, especially among second-and third-generation Brazilians who feel they don’t fit anywhere, Victor said. But the church’s most powerful strategy is a simple one—community. Missional house groups are their greatest outreach opportunity.

“The Millennials, they hate superficial stuff,” he said. “I think the most effective strategy to reach them is being a friend.”

•For Victor and Ludmila to successfully reach young Brazilians.
•For new believers to grow into strong leaders.

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