David Baum

David is a native Iowan, but for a 2-½ year stint in Utah. Currently, he is a Clinical Professor at Iowa State University where he serves as a diagnostician in the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

His service to our Lord at GABC includes its music ministry and being Men’s Ministry Leader. In these are his passions for worship of the LORD God Almighty, learning from His Word as it is taught from our Pastors, and the study of His Word such that they would increasingly become constants in his life and encourage others in doing likewise.

David is a widower, Sandi and he are the parents of three grown children, Christian (Rochester, MN), Heather (Huxley, IA), and Ryan (Eagan, MN), father-in-law to Debbie (Christian), Chris Plucar (Heather), and Amina (Ryan) and a grandfather to 8 grandchildren, ages 5 – 15. His hobbies are fly fishing, woodworking, music, reading and cooking.

“While I would never wish upon anyone the events of 2013, I would not give them up because of what God continues to do for me by the power of The Holy Spirit, because of the blood of Jesus Christ.”