Lottie Moon Emphasis


Four years ago when IMB worker Edwin Feather (name changed) set out to reach a large city in Southeast Asia, Daniel Tuchez was there. Daniel’s team wasn’t just the first Hispanic missions team to partner with Edwin in that city; it was the first team, period. And Daniel, who serves as pastor of Iglesia Bautista El Shaddai in Jackson, Tennessee, wouldn’t have it any other way.

“He has a real burden for Asia,” said Jason Carlisle, the IMB’s director of Hispanic mobilization. “He’s very good at mobilizing other pastors and giving them a vision .”

In the years before, Jason encouraged and equipped Daniel, taking him on trips to other parts of Southeast Asia. Daniel started encouraging more Hispanic pastors to go too—he’s taken pastors from several states with him over the years. They have seen God do amazing things. In the city where Edwin lives, more than 200 people have professed faith and churches have been planted.

“God is wonderful, and we are thankful for what He has done. It really is a miracle,” said Daniel, who is originally from Guatemala. “The very big blessing is that Jason is not just challenging us to go to Latin America. He wants us to be cross-cultural people who reach people in the last frontier.”


PRAY for churches and IMB workers to continue to form partnerships to take the hope of Christ to unreached people all over the world.

PRAY for God to continue to call up Hispanic churches to engage the world with the gospel.


Day 3: A Miracle Partnership from IMB on Vimeo.


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