Lottie Moon Emphasis


J.D. Greear says his church’s partnership with IMB missionaries is more than just a partnership—it’s a front-row seat to some of God’s most exciting work in hard-to-reach places.

“The most significant things in the world are happening through the church that God is building,,” said J.D., pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, “we pray, we give, we go—not because we have to, but because of what God has promised He’s going to do among the nations.”

One place they are seeing that play out is in Ukraine, where IMB missionary Russell Woodbridge is helping Ukrainian believers learn how to plant churches. Together, they have an amazing opportunity to offer hope to people from eastern Ukraine who lost everything when they fled the war there in recent years. They’ve seen people baptized and churches started.

“It takes all of us working together to reach the nations for Christ,” Russell, said. And his home church is
excited to be a part of that.

Partnering together “provides opportunities that maybe you couldn’t do if you were by yourself,”
J. D. explained. “It helps us engage in ways that are meaningful and not just a flash in the pan.”

PRAY for Ukrainian believers to plant strong, healthy churches that spread rapidly among the lost in their country and beyond.

PRAY for churches to come alongside the work overseas and support them with prayer, funding, and volunteer help.


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