Lottie Moon Emphasis

The world has more refugees today than ever before in recorded history. They’re on the move across dangerous seas. They’re trekking on foot over mountain ranges. They’re trying to create a life for themselves in a new country with nothing but the clothes on their back.

And in the midst of their heartbreaking story, many refugees have walked right into the eternal hope that was waiting for them all along.

IMB workers all over the globe say they are seeing refugees come to faith in Christ in the ashes of their tragedy. It’s an unprecedented opportunity for the gospel to reach people from hard-to-reach countries.

That’s why Pastor Bryant Wright said he and his church, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta,
Georgia, have invested heavily in refugee ministry both as home and overseas. There in the Atlanta area, members of Johnson Ferry Baptist are walking alongside Syrian Muslim families who are trying to rebuild a life. They have also partnered with IMB workers overseas who are serving as a consistent presence in refugee centers and camps in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

“It’s a humanitarian disaster,” Bryant said. “It just makes sense to me to reach out with love.”

PRAY for God to guide the path of refugees to a place where they might find salvation in Christ.

PRAY for churches to step up and engage in ministry to refugees right where they are and through partnerships overseas.

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