North American Missions and The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering


Luis & Beatriz Soto, West Valley, Utah

Born in Puerto Rico, Luis had a love for missions. He moved his family to Utah, where Mormonism touches every part of the culture, including the more than 300,000 Hispanic residents.

Most Hispanics work two or three jobs in West Valley. When Luis sees hardworking men come to a weeknight church event, he knows they are serious about the Lord and hold potential to become new church planters.

“We need more planters to start more churches that can communicate truth,” says Luis. “In a place where it seems like everyone is Mormon, it’s easy to feel alone. But I know our church, the people we’re sending out and the many who support us through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering are part of something bigger. One day very soon, we’re going to have Hispanic churches sharing the gospel all over Utah.


  • For Luis and Beatriz’s daily wisdom to share the gospel and raise up more leaders.
  • For the residents of Utah’s hearts to be open to discovering Jesus as the only way, the truth and the life.


Kevin Ezell, NAMB President

Every step our missionaries take across North America, they are faced with increasing secularism. Many cities have become so irreligious they could reasonably be deemed pre-Christian. Even in the regions once deemed the “Bible Belt,” Christianity is being pushed to the margins.

North America is also rapidly becoming more diverse culturally and ethnically. Everyday, the nations come here. Many are from people groups whose home countries are extremely difficult to reach. We cannot let these gospel opportunities pass us by, and missionaries desperately need the prayers of God’s people to succeed.


  • For missionaries to make connections with people who can help build relationships in new neighborhoods.
  • For encouragement in the middle of social pressure and loneliness.
  • For God to provide more Christian leaders who will help share the missionaries’ loads.

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