Prayer for North American Missions and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

Philip & Jummai Nache, Minneapolis, Minnesota

God has always had big plans for Philip Nache. In 2010, Philip left Nigeria and came to the U.S. to attend seminary. Shortly after his arrival, he was approached by a group of South Sudanese who were living in Minneapolis. They wanted help starting a church. “They were like sheep without a shepherd,’ Philip says. “And I was captivated by the idea of reaching out to the Africans here.”

Minneapolis has more than 100,000 African refugees and immigrants, and Philip has now started two churches in the Twin Cities. But he’s certain God has even bigger plans.

“We don’t just want converts. The Great Commission is about disciples,” he says, “So many of our people want to be trained. They want to reach out to their people and plant churches here in America and in Africa. Now, we have the opportunity to impact the world with the gospel.”

•For endurance and wisdom as Philip and Jummai train and disciple future church planters.
•For God to call more Africans to share Christ and plant churches here in North America and in Africa.

Rob & Lisa Warren, Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin, is a college town—one of the most liberal in the nation. “There are more than 40,000 college students, and most are unreached by the gospel,” say Rob. “So many people have tried to start churches here and failed. Maybe we should feel nervous about that, but we’re excited.”

Rob and Lisa love college students because they exist in a season of life where they can question everything and often are open to discussing spiritual issues. The family moved from Ames, Iowa, to Madison to plant Doxa church in the fall of 2018.

“The amazing thing about planting in a college community is that we don’t just make converts; we make missionaries. Many accept Jesus and see their lives change in college. Then they graduate and share the good news to others in the workplace and neighborhoods.”

•For Rob and Lisa’s boldness to follow the Spirit’s leading in reaching Madison for Jesus.
•For God to open doors and hearts on campus, creating a receptivity to the gospel.

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