Discipleship & the Coronavirus: As a Business Owner (Part 1)

Discipleship & the Coronavirus: As a Business Owner (Part 1)

Discipleship and the Coronavirus

This is part of our series, Discipleship & the Coronavirus, featuring posts written by GABC members on what God is teaching them during the coronavirus pandemic.

You may read the entire series here.

by Duane Jensen

[Editor’s note: Duane began Part 1 on March 30, as COVID precautions were beginning in full force. In God’s timing with our publishing schedule, he was able to add a Part 2 as a follow-up one month later. Part 2 will publish tomorrow.]

What is Duane Jensen, business owner, learning during this time?

On March 30, I began this piece using the acronym COVID.

— C —

I suppose I was Cocky at first, being Confident we as a nation are far more advanced in fighting anything, let alone a virus. I became Cautious in who to listen to, who to believe, and how much I even wanted or needed to hear. It wasn’t long until Concern set in as to how this was going to impact me, my wife, my mom, my immediate and extended families, my church family, my employees, and their families—the list has no end. Praying without Ceasing soon became my norm.

— O —

As I spent the last week of March in Minnesota preparing to shut-down 2 major job sites, the worldly gain (okay, sinful) side of me began to think Opportunity, not at the expense of others but rather the government and their upcoming Cares Act Relief efforts. How will a shut-down work to my advantage . . . will my employees really be at home and on unemployment . . . how could this be a good thing for any of us? Alone in my hotel room, emotion overcame me as I shed those thoughts and confessed them as SIN.

God’s continuous provision for my business (JCorp) since 2001 has been so very real to me. God reminded me that, in early January, JCorp signed a contract for the largest project my company will have ever designed and built. In the last week of February, we were asked to put a larger than normal portion of our fees in the March Draw to satisfy the project Owner’s investment commitments. I was excited then but had no way of knowing what His plans were for what was ahead. It became clear that this very odd Owner request was clearly God’s provision for March and April payroll dollars to get JCorp through this time of unknowns.

Whether His plans also include future Government support or not, God had clearly “planned ahead” to meet the present needs of my employees, just as He has promised and performed for over eighteen years now.

— V —

As social distancing and self-quarantining extend, I think of the word Vigil . . . an extended period of quiet waiting in a place, for us GABCers hopefully for an extended time in His word and of prayer. Based on some Zoom/DUO time with several of you, I can safely say quiet many of your places are not, your kids become very excited to be “on TV.” But I can also see/hear of the richness of time many have had in their extended times of prayer and fellowship with Jesus occurring in your homes. For that, I am very encouraged and somewhat envious (in a righteous challenging sort of way, of course ?).

— I —

JCorp continues to work as an essential business through all this. Having many believers working for me, I have encouraged them to be a positive light on our job sites and to even more openly offer the hope they have found in Jesus as they encounter discouragement and confusion from those working around them. I call that Increasing our Influence with the Gospel of Christ, as Paul describes in 2 Corinthians 10, it has been a good challenge for me as well.

— D —

Dependence upon the government—on testing, on data, on projections, on cures, on stimulus and relief—is what the world offers us to secure ourselves in. Dependence on God’s love for us and for His promises of provision and protection is what we as Believers are to rely on. He is our refuge and strength in this time of trouble. Replace fears with faith, as Michael has reminded us. What the world offers will quickly fade, what Jesus offers is for life abundant and life eternal.

One Month Later…

So, what have I discovered in a month’s time? Come back tomorrow for Part 2!