2024 Book Reading List

2024 Book Reading List

Many people will develop a list of books they want to read when a new year starts. I usually keep a stack of books that I want to read going all the time so when the new year starts, I just keep going with what I was already reading. However, this year, I decided to develop a list of books that I think I need to read this year for my spiritual growth. For the next several days and weeks, I am going to post about the books I am reading in 2024. As you look through my posts, perhaps you will find a book or two that might help you as well.

The first book is a book I hope we will all read as a church. It is Sunday Matters by Paul David Tripp. This book contains 52 devotionals. The idea is to read one devotional the weekend before or the evening before the Sunday morning worship. In it, Paul Tripp reminds us not only of the importance of attending Sunday morning corporate worship but also of the critical importance of remembering the gospel and how the grace of Christ shapes our hearts little by little as we gather together every Sunday.

In the Introduction, Tripp writes:

The conscious and intentional worship of God is the highest calling and most wonderful thing a human being could ever do and, because it is, it is a location for spiritual war. That war is fought on the ground of our hearts. The enemy of our souls will do anything he can to keep us from participating fully, from hearing clearly, and from committing to God more intentionally through gathered worship. It is easy to enter worship unready . . . Corporate worship is designed to remind you again and again that the most valuable thing in your life you could have never earned or deserved . . . [the] gift of divine grace.

Paul Tripp is an excellent writer. I’ve read his devotional thoughts on corporate worship in his excellent book New Morning Mercies, and they are profound. I expect this book to be just as encouraging and challenging for preparing our hearts for corporate worship. 

Here is where you can find this book:

  1.  Amazon – $13.96
  2. Christian Book Distributors – $14.99
  3. Westminister Books – $18.17

Let me know if you decide to read this book.

In Christ,

Pastor Michael