core-values-service1We desire to follow our Lord’s example by living a servant lifestyle in light of the gospel (Mark 10:43-45).

Gospel-Center Service

Just like Jesus washed his disciples’ feet we want to wash each other’s feet (Jn. 13:1-20). That is, we are to serve one another in the church. Our service extends to those in our community as well. Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve, so likewise we believe we should humble ourselves and serve others too. Jesus was not only our substitute who served us by dying on the cross but He was also our example in His life as He served others for the glory of God.

Why should a disciple serve others?

Gospel-centered service is motivated by God’s reconciling us to Himself through the death and resurrection of Christ, and seeks to reflect His grace and mercy to others for His glory and not our own. It is an expression of love and stewardship of grace marked by humility, generosity and hospitality and empowered by a passion for the glory of God.

How can disciples serve others?

Service can and should be pursued in various ways by all followers of Christ. Those who have been impacted by the gospel have countless opportunities – both formal and informal – to serve others. Some might serve in individual situations or others might through their small groups or others my find opportunities to serve through a church-wide ministry. In other words, there are opportunities to serve inside the church and outside the church.

Serving Inside the Church

Inside the church we serve by greeting at services, volunteering in one of our ministries, teaching, corporate singing, giving, opening our homes to our neighbors, etc.

Serving Outside the Church is Great Commission Living

We call serving those outside the church Great Commission living. The Great Commission is a witness to the lost people of our community. We might serve by assisting with local gospel preaching and mission efforts like House of Hope, Informed Choices or Life-to-Life Africa just to name a few opportunities. Other opportunities might be created on an individual basis in which, for example, we help a family with childcare, help with home repairs, teach English as a second language to an international, adopt a college student or some other creative project that would spread the gospel through serving others.